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Local solutions, delivered globally

ETM provides local service solutions to customers around the world. Please select your local region, and start experiencing the ETM difference!

Training & Team-building

Guess what? Corporate training doesn’t have to be dull and boring, and team-building sessions don’t have to be awkward!

Our team of creative event experts develops the most contemporary training and engagement initiatives that drive highly motivated, connected, and focused teams.

Need to re-energise your training program?

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Training and team-building join the 21st century!

Our training days are inspirational and motivational; they are engaging and personalized, designed to upskill and develop your staff, priming them to step up and deliver.

And we deliver team-building days that are full of fun yet still strategic, bringing everyone closer together, whether in-person or on-screen. Our team-building events build trust and a united team, they keep morale high and – most importantly – support the mental health and well-being of your entire team.

Creative solutions for maximum impact

ETM training & team-building

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ETM capabilities

  • Event planning & coordination
  • Venue & destination sourcing & contract negotiation
  • Registration & mobile technology
  • Event activities & facilitation
  • Theming & creative
  • Delegate communications
  • Air & ground transportation
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Virtual & Hybrid Events

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Attendee Management

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Travel Management

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