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Event Technology

The right technology has the power to elevate your event from average to amazing. It can help drive engagement through social integration and gamification, curate connections between delegates and special guests, and monitor metrics to effectively develop your future events.

As part of the CTM Group, ETM is no stranger to understanding the importance of intuitive technology to help drive efficiencies and cost savings for our clients.

From customized event apps and onsite kiosks to registration websites and advanced reporting tools, our event technology is designed to eliminate complexities and reduce friction for your team.

Our team of experts can help you choose the right technology for your upcoming event, ensuring that it works seamlessly in the background as the support act to the main event.

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Key services and benefits

The delegate journey

ETM’s integrated travel and event technology connects every step of your delegate’s journey. From the initial invitation to post-event communications, we can provide updates, information, and engagement through multiple touchpoints, ensuring your desired messaging is weaved into every aspect of the experience while providing you with extensive reporting and analytics.

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