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Case Study: Strategic Meetings Management

ETM offered technology consulting and an events subscription model to save a client time and money when booking their meetings.

Unmanaged meetings and events can cost a loss of time and budget. Understanding the client’s program, and bringing all meetings and events into a Strategic Meetings Management model brought efficiency, savings, and improved services and technology.

Read on to find out how.


The client came to ETM for help with a small meeting opportunity. However, after investigating their number of meetings and events, it was clear that this client would benefit highly from our SMM subscription format.

Upon seeing all the services and savings ETM offered through their expertise and technology, the client’s small meeting needs request turned into hiring a fully dedicated ETM team member.


The client’s lack of staff internally caused their employee meeting planner to get bogged down with registration requests for large shows. Another pain point was that training meetings needed to be implemented in a quicker fashion and be more efficient as well as show cost savings.

These challenges are not unique to this client. Many organizations with unmanaged events don’t necessarily have insight into their meeting and event needs, in order to know what technology and services they can employ to utilize the correct programs that fit within their budget.


The ETM team helped plan a strategy session with the client to figure out what types of meetings and events were happening, in order to create an event calendar. With this information, the team conducted analysis determining what meetings would fall within the proposed SMM meetings program.

ETM offered meeting technology consulting, scaled the services pricing model to fit the client’s budget, and assisted with the client’s contract signings and payment method paint points.

Another vital piece of the solution was getting the right stakeholders on board to help build the business case for the SMM model. ETM offered this model with no commitment at first, allowing the client to move through different formats to find right model to fit their needs.


ETM was able to assist in handling registration requests for the client’s meetings and events employee. By creating customized templates for event registrations, ETM gave them back about 80 hours a month in the time they had been spending on registration processes.

In ETM’s technology consultation, the results suggested the purchase of Cvent software, as well as creating a meeting request form (MRF) to streamline the meetings process. ETM’s experts negotiated with Cvent to produce savings of 10% on the software purchase.

The client was able to use their new SMM program buying power and the new visibility into their program spend, to have leverage in negotiations with suppliers, resulting in savings of 15%.


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