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Case Studies

We love creating exceptional event experiences, but don’t just take our word for it!

Take a tour of our event case studies below, and see how we deliver maximum value to our broad range of event clients.

CASE STUDY: Healthcare Client (Emergency Response Room Sourcing)

A fast-acting ETM team sources hundreds of hotel rooms from Louisiana to Texas for two healthcare clients on life-saving missions.

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CASE STUDY: Global Group Air

ETM moved a client's 2,500+ global travelers to a global group air program, resulting in a 54% reduction in program cost, a 55% reduction in overtime hours, and a 79% reduction in call volume

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CASE STUDY: Virtual Meeting

ETM organized a virtual meeting for 1,000 global employees with a multi-week content delivery schedule, achieving 90% session participation

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CASE STUDY: Incentive Tour

ETM organized an incentive tour and travel seminar for the client’s 400+ top-performing distributors. In doing so, we also helped to drastically reduce the client’s administrative work and report running time by over 50%.

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CASE STUDY: Healthcare Virtual Meeting

ETM coordinated a seamless virtual meeting program within a six-week timeframe for 350 virtual attendees, maximizing content delivery and attendance.

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CASE STUDY: Managed Meetings in a Crisis

ETM helped a client react quickly in a crisis and save USD $46.75M in verified savings.

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