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Unleashing the power of corporate team building

There is something to be said about a strong and vibrant work culture, where teams thrive, communicate, and collaborate, working in unison toward a common goal – supporting company growth. But how does a company achieve this?

Recognizing the significance of fostering positive relationships among their teams and departments, businesses often turn to innovative and engaging corporate team building activities – getting employees out of the confines of their workplace and into fresh new environments, breaking the ice, having a laugh, getting to know one another on a social level and igniting a spark that will ultimately build an eternal flame of collaboration, camaraderie and success.

From icebreakers to creative challenges, this blog will explore just some of the corporate team building activities any company can integrate into their next conference, event, or company meeting.

Get the conversation started

No doubt you have participated in a few icebreakers over your career, but if you haven’t it is generally an activity that is completed at the beginning of a meeting, conference or event to facilitate some quick introductions and, of course, encourage corporate team building.

Icebreakers are not something to take too seriously and are designed to be fun and a quick introduction to find out a little about your co-workers while stimulating confidence in speaking in front of peers.

The wonderful thing about icebreakers is you can ask all sorts of questions (within reason) and there are plenty of resources online for some suggestions or you can use the services of an event travel management company like ETM to provide guidance and expertise.

For best practice here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to icebreakers:

  • Do put thought into the questions you are going to ask.
  • Don’t force people to answer the question.
  • Do ensure that the question is open-ended and there is no wrong answer.

Don’t just have one question, make sure you have a couple.

Let the games begin

Team building games are a great way to encourage teams to work together, but it can also be challenging to find an activity that everyone will find comfortable and safe doing. You also need to take into consideration your conference theme, company messaging and the destination as to what team building would be most suitable. It is also important to note that team building games must have a purpose. What is it that you want your teams to get out of the activities? What skills are you aiming to teach the team? Is it creativity or problem-solving, or perhaps it is both? Or maybe you are more focused on collaboration and communication outcomes?

A common type of team building activity is the scavenger hunt, whose purpose is to get people to work together as a team; spurring creativity, especially where clues and riddles are involved. Something a little different might be to conduct a ‘blind drawing’ activity. The execution of the activity involves one participant being the drawer, while the other describes the image without using words that give it away. The purpose of this activity focuses on communication. While the drawing might not be a Picasso, it will demonstrate to participants how instructions can be interpreted differently.

Outdoor adventure

Who doesn’t love the great outdoors and why not use it to build trust and community with colleagues? Creating opportunities for individuals and teams to connect in nature can be powerful in reducing stress that may occur in the workplace. Outdoor activities can also assist in breaking down barriers between roles and hierarchy, allowing for employees to interact and connect on a deeper level.

As an example, a guided trail allows a team to disconnect from technology and instead connect to each other. Where the skills and leadership of managers may be pivotal in the office, the reliance on this often lessens in nature, which can lead to a deeper level of connection and collaboration and provide all levels of employees an opportunity to shine. The outcome often leads to teams coming back to the office with a sense of rejuvenation as a group and individually.

Is it time to connect?

Whether you are a company with a mixture of hybrid, remote or office employees, it is important to invest in company culture. Getting employees away from their computers or office environment will allow them to create social connections with one another, which is often harder to form while ‘on the clock’. Activities like corporate team building allow the opportunity to break down barriers, change perceptions and improve a sense of community and belonging.

Is it time to connect with your team?

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