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ETM 2022 All Stars employees celebrated

ETM All Stars logo
CTM North America’s “best of the best” were revealed Nov. 9 at the 2022 Fall Leadership Meeting and All Stars Event in Minneapolis. Several Event Travel Management (ETM) employees were chosen as finalists and winners from among hundreds of nominations and 60 finalists.
Congratulations to our finalists, Sandy Krupka and Tina Jones, and the ETM Performer of the Year All Star, Allyson Nilsson!


Allyson Nillson

Allyson Nilsson HeadshotAllyson was awarded ETM Top Performer of the Year at the All Stars celebration. She spearheaded the planning of CTM’s rooftop soiree at GBTA this year, which was a smash hit with attendees.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am moved to tears and humbled. I consider myself so lucky to be part of this hardworking team of diversely talented and fun individuals; and for a company that genuinely cares for and listens to their employees,” said Allyson. “While many companies, claim the above, most fall short. I am thankful every day that I made the decision to join CTM. This is truly an honor, and this is even sweeter because it came from my peers. Thank you again.


Sandy Krupka

Sandy Krupka Headshot

Sandy was nominated as an ETM All Star this year as well. Sandy currently serves as Manager, Business Solutions, where she focuses on data integrity and projects.

Of her nomination, Sandy said “I was surprised by how emotional I got. Being nominated made me feel what I do is important, is relevant to our team’s success, and that I am a valued member of the team. It’s a moment I will not forget anytime soon.”


Tina Jones

Tina Jones Headshot

Tina is a Group Air Advisor with AFS, and was also nominated as an ETM All Star this year.

“I am both honored and humbled to be recognized by my peers,” said Tina. “I’ve always said I do what I do, not because of a job title requiring me to do something, but to assist anywhere I can to get the job done, and done well, for our clients. Happy clients, happy team, success for all!”


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